Hair Transplant for Women

Hair Transplant for Women

Hair transplantation is an effective treatment technique that significantly benefits individuals experiencing hair loss, impacting various aspects of their lives. While most hair transplant patients are still men, many women seek hair transplants to address hair loss issues.

Doctors consider hair transplantation an essential treatment for women, as the outcome of this procedure significantly contributes to their appearance and self-esteem. Aside from its impact on physical appearance, hair loss can also lead to feelings of substantial psychological distress.

Women tend to experience more severe psychological issues related to hair loss than men, such as:

• Spending significant time and effort concealing thinning locks and bald patches

• Feeling inadequate in social environments

• Struggling to accept their hair loss condition

Hair Transplant for Women

Causes of Hair Loss in Women:

The most common cause of hair loss in women is Androgenetic Alopecia, often called Female Pattern Hair Loss.

Other potential reasons for hair loss in women include:

• Iron deficiency

• Genetic predisposition to hair loss

• Autoimmune diseases

• Changes in hormone levels

• Medication

• Menopause

• Pregnancy

• Excessive stress

• Crash dieting/rapid weight loss

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At EstheticProf, we understand women’s unique challenges with hair loss and offer tailored solutions to address their specific needs. Our seasoned specialists and doctors dedicate their time and experience to delivering outstanding results and tailored care, ensuring women regain their confidence and enhance their appearance.